Monday, 8 October 2012

Reactions to Amy Cheong's racist rant questioned

Overreacting with the police ... "Both former Nominated MP Siew Kum Hong and media academic Ang Peng Hwa said Ms Cheong's comments were a racist rant, not a call for action, and were not calculated to cause enmity between races here. Mr Siew added that while this did not excuse the remarks, the police report was unnecessary."

"Professor Ang said that these days, Singaporeans automatically head to the police in such situations. "I don't feel the report is justified, but it is based on precedent, in a way," he said."

Reactions to Amy Cheong's racist rant questioned

Although most commentators and experts agree that Ms Amy Cheong deserved to be fired, many have questioned the huge response to her remarks - from the online vitriol to the police report lodged against her.

Check this out from ST

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